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About Windex<sup>®</sup>

We believe there’s something special about the way clean glass changes how you experience a moment.

Our Vision

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From maternity ward windows to picture frames, from bathroom mirrors to phone screens, our lives are surrounded by glass. No matter the surface, Windex® products can help brighten your world.So you can make sure that nothing is ever lost behind a smudge and every moment is experienced vividly and clearly. It’s why we’re here, to... Give Life a Sparkle™.

Our History

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We didn't become an icon of streak-free shine overnight. Windex® Glass Cleaner was introduced in 1936 in America – in the heart of the Great Depression – as an automobile windshield cleaner by Philip Drackett. In 1992 SC Johnson acquired The Drackett Company, bringing the Windex® brand into the SC Johnson family of brands.

Our Commitment

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We’re proud to have made Windex® Original Glass Cleaner the blue bottle you reach for when you want a streak-free shine and we’re committed to bringing you even more choices for making your world sparkle. As a family company, we believe that transparency is an essential part of choosing safe and effective products for your home. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions and product pages for more information about all of our Windex® cleaning solutions.

*Claim based on Windex® Original lab testing against leading competitor glass cleaners per AC Nielsen 52 weeks ended 8/27/2016